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exercise log
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Easy to use exercise log |Exercise logs|Print free exercise log| Printable exercise log and exercise log book.
                         Daily exercise log| Health forms for healthy living Free exercise log
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exercise log
Exercise log
The Benefits Of Exercise :
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Prevents obesity
  • Improves muscular strength and flexibility
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    Stress can play a rather large role in many
    diseases so it's time to nip it in the bud.
    Pronto!! How? Workout! and keep a exercise
    log. Or any good exercise program. If you
    don't have time to workout. There are some
    easy exercise you can do during your normal

    Bend, stretch and walk all the stress out of
    your body. You don't need to buy a gym
    membership or swipe the credit card at the
    local fitness supplies store; simply taking a 30
    minute walk a day can decrease your stress
    levels enormously.

    When you go to work, why not park in the car
    spot that's the longest distance away from
    your building (provided it's safe to do so) and
    walk? Take the stairs instead of the lift. Catch
    the train and walk to the station. It's better for
    the environment and better for your heart.

    If you have a stationary bike at home and you
    like watching TV, drag it into the living room
    and watch while you pedal. Jump down and
    pump out some push ups in the ad breaks.

    If there is a pool in your area - You could try
    swimming some laps before work, during your
    lunch break or after work.

    Exercise will reduce your stress levels, and you
    don't have to transform into a gym junkie
    overnight to feel the benefits.... It's all about
    the incidentals.

    Why not start today by taking a quick walk
    around the block tonight when you get home....
    walking really does wonders for both your
    fitness and your mind. In the interest of both
    motivation and safety - if you can find a
    "walking buddy" - even better!

    Exercise in any form, and documenting the
    time on a exercise log will help to reduce your
    stress levels and as a bonus you'll be healthier.
workout log
Workout and keep a workout log
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