medical history form
medical history form
medical history form
medical history form
Hospital admissions can sometimes be stressful.  
Repetitive questions are asked by doctors, nurses,
etc. The questions asked are necessary to ensure
that an adequate assessment is done and that
quality care is given.

There are times when the family has to spend
extended time at the hospital during the admission
process because the patient is unable to provide
the information.

Our medical history form will answer most
questions asked during a typical admission, a time
that can be very stressful.

Have answers to these and other questions
available on one form:

  • Past medical History
  • Insurance company name and policy
  • Advance directive information
  • Medications

Once you receive your medical history form fill in
the information required (pencil is suggested, as
information may change over time) and keep your
medical history form in a secure place until
needed. During admission or office visit simply
present your completed medical history form to
the doctor or nurse or have them to make a copy,
but be sure to keep the original for your record
s. .
medical history form
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medical history form
 medical history form
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