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My Gluten Free Kitchen
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Living with celiac disease-Gluten free living-Gluten free recipe book- Gluten free                                    
                             restaurants-Gluten free diet-Gluten free ingredients
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Celiac disease is a chronic autoimmune
disorder that has affected approximately
three million people in the United States.
People with celiac disease have problems
digesting anything that contains gluten. The
gluten eats at the intestinal lining of the
stomach eventually destroying it if its not
caught in time.

A gluten free diet is imperative to people who
have celiac disease.A gluten-free diet is a
diet completely free of ingredients derived
from gluten-containing cereals: wheat
(including kamut  and spelt), barley, rye, and
triticale, as well as the use of gluten as a
food additive in the form of a flavoring,
stabilizing or thickening agent. It is
recommended amongst other things in the
treatment of celiac disease.
My Gluten Free Kitchen was created to help people living with celiac disease better manage their
gluten-free diet by keeping detailed organized file logs of their  daily dietary intake and routine. The files
will come stored on a colorful kitchen interface, so all you have to do is click to open, fill in your
information and save. You can even print out completed files for shopping or visits to the doctor. Below
is a brief description of each file that will come bundled with "My Gluten Free Kitchen".

My Gluten Free Foods List : You'll list the foods that are gluten free on this list. The list is subdivided into
the following categories: Meats - Vegetable - Flour - Snacks - Nuts - Fruits - Dairy and miscellaneous. It
makes a perfect reference to your shopping list. You will receive 10 detailed files.

Gluten Foods : There are so many  foods out there. How do you keep up with it all and separate gluten
foods from gluten free foods? This list will hold all foods gluten. These are foods you will want to stay
away from. It will be sub divided into the same categories as above. You will receive 10 detailed files.

Gluten Free Recipe's :What are your favorite gluten free meals? You will store them on gluten - free
recipe files and always have easy access. There are 50 files included.

My Gluten Notes : How are you adjusting to your new diet? It is a lifestyle change. Is it working for you?
What has been the most difficult aspect about having celiac disease? Keep detailed notes about your
adjustment and any concerns you may have for the doctor during your next appointment. 68 files are

Eating Out Gluten Free : Finding a restaurant that serves foods that are gluten free will be challenging,
but once you do find them keep a list of the foods they have on the menu that work with your gluten-free
diet. Print the information and take it with you when you visit the restaurant for easy reference. Includes
10 files.

My Meals & Weight : Now that you have a gluten free kitchen the foods and ingredients that you have in
your kitchen..the way you eat, it has all changed. What are you eating for breakfast lunch and dinner??
How has it affected your weight? Includes 50 files to help you monitor your daily dietary intake.

Shopping List: Make a list of the special foods or ingredients needed to maintain your gluten free diet.
Check off boxes are included on each file! Includes 5 files.

HINT: Use one of the shopping list files to make a permanent grocery list. The foods that you know you
will buy again and again. Add a check mark in the check box when its time to buy that particular food
again. Print the list and take it with you to the store. Its gluten free shopping made easy!
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