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Medication log
Bowel flow sheet
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Pain log
Appointment calendar
Medication refill log
Menstrual cycle calendar
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Growth chart
Prostate exam log
Colonoscopy log
Breast exam log
Pain patch log
Reposition log
Seizure log
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The importance of a diabetes health check up| Download a free diabetes health check log| The
four exams performed during a diabetes health check  | Printable diabetes health check log by      
                                                 Your Medform | Your diabetes health check
Elder Care Health Forms
Before each diabetes health check up, study your blood
sugar record for patterns or trends. Be sure to bring the
blood sugar record to your checkup. If you have questions
for your doctor, jot them down ahead of time.
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Did you know that in the United States there are 20.8 million children and adults living with
diabetes? The number is astounding. Some diabetics realize the importance of diet in
properly managing their diabetes, then again others don't. This is a sad thing because
people that don't realize the importance of compliance open themselves up for life changing
complications. Proper management of your body is another important factor in the
management of diabetes. Not properly taking care of your body could mean putting yourself
at higher risk for serious complications. A yearly diabetes health check is a must as a
preventative to complications common to the diabetic community, problems that could
possibly lead to the loss of your eyesight or a limb. There are four exams vital in screening
potential problems to diabetics: the dental, eye, foot, and physical exam. The diabetes check
up log covers all four exams to help you keep up with past and upcoming appointment dates.
Control blood sugar levels, exercise and see your doctor as scheduled and live a healthy
happy life.
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