There are so many precautions we can take to
    safeguard the home and prevent falls. Perhaps
    you have a parent living with you, or you're an
    older adult living alone. Here are some things
    you can do to safeguard your home.

  • Use non skid floor mats.
  • Wear non skid slippers.
  • Watch for wiring on the floor and
    accidental spills.
  • Be mindful of objects on the floor.
  • Use a night light. Have your vision
    checked regularly.
  • Have a physician to review your
  • Keep your walker or cane within reach.
  • Start exercising for strength and
  • Install grab bars in the shower and near
  • Use a shower seat if you're unable to
    stand for long periods.
  • Avoid stepping stools. Try to keep
    everything within reach.
  • Have family or friends to check on you

    There have been reports of older adults who
    have fallen in the home and have not been
    found sometimes for days. Please know your
    neighbor and adhere to the last suggestion.
    Have friends and relatives to check on you
    regularly. If a fall does occur and you fracture
    or break your hip you basically become
    immobile. If you are someone who has an
    older adult with you in the home monitor all
    falls for causes. Look for any recent changes in
    medication or behaviour, document on a fall
    log and report these findings to a physician.
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fall log
Two-thirds of those who experience a fall
will fall again within six months.
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