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fluid restriction log
Fluid restriction log
Add a slice of fresh lemon or lemon juice to water
or ice. The sour taste will help quench your thirst.
fluid restriction log
You may be on a fluid restriction diet if your body fails to excrete excess fluid from the body.
Possible causes of fluid retention may include renal (kidney disease), cardiovascular (CHF), or
metabolic disorders (diabetes or liver disease). Living with any of these conditions can cause
fluid retention (the body's failure to flush out fluids). To help your body flush fluids you may be
on particular medications like Furosemide (lasix) or Aldacton. You may also be on a sodium
free diet because increased sodium in the body causes the body to retain water.
A fluid restriction diet will help you to monitor your daily fluid intake.

To help you manage your fluid intake keep a fluid restriction log. Keeping a fluid restriction log
not only helps you to monitor your fluid intake but it can help to put you on a schedule so that
you can evenly space out your fluid consumption. By keeping an organized fluid restriction log
you can now manage how much you take in and when. So now you're not upset at lunch time
because you've reached your daily fluid limit and you're wondering how you'll make it through
the rest of the day without additional fluid. Our fluid restriction log will allow you to document
your daily fluid allowance, accumulative fluid intake for the day, fluid types, fluid amounts, and
remaining fluid allowance plus keep notes.
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