The "My Blood Glucose Diary" was developed after numerous suggestions for a more
detailed blood glucose log. From those suggestions Your Medform has put together a
group of logs to better help you to manage your blood glucose while at the same time
allowing you to pinpoint when changes occur and have excellent references during your
visits to the doctor. A summary of each log is listed below.

  • Blood Glucose Diary - You will document pre and post blood sugars, insulin
    coverage and injection site. You will also document what you ate for breakfast,
    lunch, dinner.Snacks are also included. You will track your appetite and your daily
    activity. You will receive 31 logs to last one month.

  • Blood Glucose Daily Journal - 31 journal sheets will be included for you to
    journal your thoughts, any changes that you observe and notes for the doctor.

  • Blood Glucose Tally Log - If you don't want to take your entire diary with you
    during your doctor appointments and you only want the numbers, this log will do
    perfectly. The tally log will allow you to input your blood sugar values each day. It's
    also a good way to determine if you are properly managing your blood glucose, by
    giving you the opportunity to observe any trends in your daily numbers. You will
    receive 3 tally logs.

  • Glycemic Index - Perfect for monitoring carbs that affect your blood glucose.
    You will list foods with the highest glycemic ratio to the lowest. You will receive 2
    Glycemic index logs.

  • eAG Log - Convert you A1C to calculate your average blood glucose. Use the
    eAG calculator listed on this page. This is yet another way for you to determine if
    your are properly maintaining your blood glucose. You will receive 1 eAG log.

In total you will receive (download) 69 log files good for one month of monitoring your
blood glucose. The logs are all fillable and can be saved to your computer, printed or
stored on a USB drive.
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