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bottled water
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drink water
Water Log
bottled water
It is very important to drink water, humans simply cannot survive without it...In fact, 3 days
without it and it's pretty much curtains!
So unless you have a hump and can spit 50 meters, you'd better start increasing your water
intake...especially if you want to improve your health and fitness.

So how much water do I need? This will vary depending on how much exercise you're doing,
the current temperature and your weight.

A rule of thumb you should drink 8-10 glasses of water per day - minimum.

A misconception many of us have, is that we only need to drink water when we're thirsty...and
that we just need to top up like we add fuel to our cars. Keep in mind, this isn't the most
reliable gauge of the amount of water your body really needs. By the time you get thirsty,
you've already lost around 2 glasses of water. My Advice, don't wait until your thirsty before
you drink water.

Whenever you hit the gym, go for a walk or run, you'll need to increase your water intake.
Perspiration causes your body to lose a lot of water....So take a 600 -700 ml water bottle, fill it
up before you exercise and make sure you're constantly drinking from it throughout your
session...Your Goal - you want it to be empty when you finish.

A good habit  to get into is to keep bottled water on hand and sip throughout the day....the
more you sip the quicker the bottle empties and the less it'll feel like a chore.

The sad fact of our lives today is that a lot of us replace water with other beverages like diet
soft drinks, coffee and alcohol. If you are one of the people who likes to partake in the odd soft
drink...try replacing just one can a day with a glass of water. It'll be so much more beneficial
for your health and you'll be really amazed at how drinking the water will reduce your craving
for the soft drink.

Replenish the nutrients your body needs with water and you'll not only see the improvements
in your body, you'll feel them too. So drink more water!
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