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    The  fentanyl pain patch (a Prescribed medicine) has
    become an effective way to control chronic pain. It's
    transdermal, providing slow continuous drug delivery
    through the skin into the blood stream. The perfect
    solution for people living with fibromyalgia, back pain or
    arthritis pain, who require continuous pain medication.

    It usually takes  12 to 18 hours for fentanyls full potency
    to be released into the blood stream. It's then that the
    true effectiveness of the medication patch can be felt,
    and patients begin to feel true pain relief. The pain patch
    lasts for up to three days.

    Proper use of the fentanyl patch is important. It is for
    topical use only. Improper use may cause overdose,
    respiratory distress, or death. It is very easy for the
    elderly or those experiencing extreme pain to forget to
    pull off the old patch.

    Always remember to remove the old patch before
    applying a new one!

    Our Pain patch log allows you to log the date the patch
    was placed and the location.
    It's also a nice reminder when it's time to change it. It
    also reminds you to remove the old patch.

    Dispose of old patch properly to avoid misuse, or

    Notify your physician if you have the following
    symptoms:  vomiting, low blood pressure, difficulty
    breathing, or change in mental status.                
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