prostate exam
prostate exam
prostate exam
prostate exam
Prostate exam log
    Prostate cancer is the second most common
    cancer among men, and the third most common
    cause of death in men. For this reason early
    detection is important.

    When it's still confined to the prostate gland there
    is a better chance for successful treatment with
    minimal or short term side affects.

    Prostate cancer is very rare before the age of
    forty, but the risk factor rises rapidly after the
    age of fifty. About two out of three prostate
    cancers are found in men over sixty five. It
    occurs more often in African- American men than
    in men of other races. African-American men are
    also more likely to be diagnosed at an advanced
    stage largely due to poor screening.

    It is important starting at the age of fifty for men
    to get annual prostate cancer screenings.

    Screening is done using a (PSA) blood test and a
    (DRE) digital rectal exam. The exam is very brief
    and is very instrumental in early detection.

    Our Prostate exam log allows you to document
    your age at the time of the exam the date and
    results. Since exams are yearly our log is a nice
    reminder of the approaching date of your next
Possible Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
Call your doctor if you have any of these symptoms:

1. Difficulty starting to urinate
2. Less force to the stream of urine
3. Dribbling after you finish urinating
4. Frequent urination
5. Blood or pus in the urine
6. Pain or burning feeling while urinating
7. Pain with ejaculation
8. Hip or back pain that does not go away over time
For more information on Prostate cancer screening visit the
Prostate cancer health center
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If you are fifty or over Please remember your yearly prostate cancer screening. It could save
your life!
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prostate exam
prostate exam
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