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Turn and reposition log
    Pressure ulcers are a serious and
    common problem of older adults,
    affecting approximately one million
    Americans (primarily those over 65 years
    old). Age is a large factor in the geriatric
    population being unable to turn
    themselves in bed, however strokes and
    other medical conditions may also play a

    To avoid the development of Pressure
    ulcers it is important to turn bedfast
    patients every two hours to prevent
    cutting off the blood circulation to the
    tissue area which causes sloughing and
    then eventually a pressure ulcer. It is
    also very important to position the heels
    off the surface of the bed. Pillows are
    good for propping the lower legs to keep
    the heels elevated.

    Our Turn and reposition log is a nice
    reminder to do your two hours turns and
    helps to balance out position changes.
    There is also an area for daily skin
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health forms
health forms
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